About us

This site is about professional photographers sharing their love for photography.

It is also about sharing images by Callie van der Linde.

A little about myself. I started taking photos when I was a kid using my fathers camera. It was a box like Kodak with film in a little roll that came in a alluminum package. Those days all was in manual mode that learned me a lot about photography. Over the years I sharpened my skills and lately did a professional course and graduated with the Institute of Photography. I also did advance courses in Wedding, Perfect Portrature,  Wild Life as well as Web design.

I love people and my style is fun and a relaxing environment. I love light and my images is bright.

This is a new site and I will build it as time goes by.

I also have friends and family in the photography and fashion industry that keeps my dream alive.

At the moment I am involved in my other dream – farming. I also graduated in brewing technology, agriculture, and have a masters degree in in business management (MBA (DMU)uk.

My sporting activities include flying my wight shifter once a week, deep sea diving, and attending my local gimm three times a week to stay in shape.


Nkaya dam almost empty
Nkaya dam almost empty

Callie van der Linde Photography is a professional photographer that provide services as listed under services